Talk on Bilingualism in Kilkenny, 20.10.2017

Last Friday Aga gave a short talk on bilingualism to parents of St. John Paul’s Polish School in Kilkenny.

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Aga Pedrak

During one hour presentation, they discussed what is bilingualism, what are the benefits and challenges associated with bilingual upbringing and how to support bilingualism in small and school-age children. Parents asked about everyday tips that would help them encourage they children to use Polish at home and outside. They were also interested in the impact of complementary schools or other after-school classes held in the minority language.

All participants received leaflets and brochures on bilingualism and an e-mail with additional information and links to helpful online resources.

The talk was organized with the cooperation of St. John Paul’s Polish School in Kilkenny in order to celebrate Polish Bilingual Day celebrated every October since 2015 by Polish diaspora around the world.